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Baby Safety, Baby Travel Tips On How To Pack Things Efficiently

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Excited for a fun family trip? Why not getting ready first packing things that are needed while on travel? Getting ready for a fun trip with a baby can be made a lot easier with some planning and preparation. Read and follow tips and ideas below to learn more.
It is always a smart idea to prepare every before hand rather that waiting for the last minute to come, consider packing few days before traveling. Make a list of important things to bring, especially things that need most of the baby such as diapers(1 per hour plus extras in case of emergencies), baby blanket(at least one for comfort and shading), baby wipes, baby toys(at least 1-2 to entertain the baby)changing mat(at least 1), baby bath and lotions, tissues, baby clothing(1-2 outfit per day), washable bibs, bottles, food formula – water or juice(bring what you think is enough – including the extra), baby carrier, travel bed, portable baby stroller and high chair.

One good way to keep baby supplies organized is by using a diaper bag, however choose one that has a waterproof lining and a shoulder strap for easy carry. A diaper bag that has several compartment is perfect for traveling.

Don’t forget yourself. Pack extra clothes for yourself in a hand luggage in case of emergencies and delays.

Don’t forget to bring medicine kit that includes first aid medicines, baby rash cream and sun screen lotion(optional) and other medicinal tablets for headache or stomachache.

Don’t forget to pack enough food and drink for other family member, and an energy-boosting snack handy.

Bring extra entertainment like books, playing card, or guitar. And last but not the list, bring camera with plenty of film or digital memory cards. We also suggest using a baby carrier from the amazing baby company and for the best travel stroller to with baby jogger.

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